The Choir Concert

The Choir Concert

The Choir is proud and excited to perform their new repertoire including David Bowie, U2, Taylor Swift, They Might Be Giants and more! Hank Pine, Fintan O’Brien and Combustion Lente will join as special guests, and the Mini-Choir opens the show.

Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Our Place Society.
Tickets $15 in advance or $20 at the door.

The Choir:
Victoria’s The Choir is a 100-member non-auditioned, community choir that sings all-original arrangements of pop, folk and indie music. What started as a small project based out of Larsen Music in early 2013 turned big in no time: 100 great people who love to sing their hearts out! The Choir has had a string of very fun and successful concerts, plus performances at Rifflandia 2014 and 2015 and the 2015 Campbell Bay Music Festival.

The Choir is directed by Marc Jenkins and accompanied by Danuel Tate. They’ve taken the stage with Kathryn Calder, Adam Cohen, Pharis and Jason Romero, Toronto’s Choir!Choir!Choir!, Aidan Knight, Sara Marreiros and more. The Choir was originated as a creative endeavour by first director, Victoria’s Anne Schaefer.

Fintan O’Brien:
My name is Fintan O’Brien, and I’m a singer songwriter born in Birmingham, England, and living in Victoria, Canada. Music has, for as long as I can remember, been the most important and powerful force in my life, and I hope to be making and sharing the songs I write until the end of my days.

At 15 I made my first five-track EP entitled “Simple Words” with without doubt one of the finest Canadian producers around, Joby Baker.

Hank Pine:
Hank Pine was born to the Republic of British Columbia December 30, 1977. He spent his early years wrestling cougars in the wilds of BC, reading comics with his bros and scribbling red circles for hours. He has lived in Toronto, Montreal and abroad, but prefers to be by the water.

As a musician, he has voraciously toured North America and Europe countless times with his vaudeville-themed cabaret show based upon his hit comic book series ‘The Hank and Lily Show’, since their inception in 2004. Hank Pine works a sleek comic book style with resonant cello music, with lyrics that have something to say into a unique and timely mixture of talent.

Combustion Lente:
Québec native Myriam Parent aka Combustion Lente has lived around the West Coast for the last 13 years. The neofolk-classical artist released a first album in 2010 and is getting ready to launch a second one in May 2016, accompanied by her sweet new Victoria band.

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